memories of a day, i wish i could stay.

unbranded glasses, Cloth Inc lacey tank top, Antyk Butyk statement necklace, Gitchy satin fringe skirt, Belle heels, thrift satin outer

A blast from the past. Found this old skirt I bought about 3 years ago, a combination of fringe & satin, still in fine condition. So I paired it with my new statement necklace from one of Indonesia's favorite jewelry designer, Antyk Butyk. Rad! :)

Had a random dream about my long-lost friends which I never even think of, made me missed them all of a sudden. But what's your definition of a bad day? Sometimes it's the day where you just got up on the wrong side of the bed, some people unintentionally ruin things for you or things didn't go as well as you planned it to be. Keep on thinking the wishful thoughts & hope things will look better in the morning.