Review for Rip It Shot--G-Force


Unlike Code Blue with its 100 mg, this is an extra strength Rip It shot—so it gets 120 mg!  Woo!


Easy as hitting up the local dollar store.


Even the purple can’t do much with what Rip It gives it—looks just like every other product made especially for dollar store shelves.


Another grape Triaminic shot.  Add some phenylephrine hydrochloride and you’d be all set.


This is one of the stranger energy experiences I’ve had—took it down about a half hour before my calculus class, then just…forgot about it.  Did my homework, went about my business, and as I was getting settled in the classroom I noticed something strange—I wasn’t dragging.  I pondered the fact for a minute, and thought, “Oh, yeah!  I drank that Rip It shot before coming here!”  Needless to say, it’s not the most dramatic boost of energy in the world, but…at least it got the job done.


Worked about two and a half hours, ending without a crash.


Might have gotten the job done, but…still nothing that worthy of note.  And you may be getting tired of this by now, but…Eternal Energy shots are better.  Same taste (not very good in my book, but whatever rubs your Buddha…), good energy.  Only 88 cents at Wal-Mart (vs. $1.06 for this at Dollar Tree).  Go with one of those.

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