Review for Zenergy


That’s anybody’s guess.  The label states that it’s 247 mg or so energy blend comes from the extracts of a plethora of caffeinated plants—so could be anywhere from 80 mg to 247 mg.


Scarce.  I’ve only seen it at one store in small-town Idaho, and even then there were only three bottles left in the entire store.  Not sure that I’ll be seeing it again anytime soon, I decided to buy one.


The bottle has enough going for it that it got me excited to try it.  The leaves and the red background and the figure in the white circle gives it an oriental look that I haven’t seen on any other energy product, and I like it.  A quick scan of the ingredients, FYI, reveals that your “green tea energy” is limited to the caffeine extracted from said plant—doubt you’ll be finding much antioxidant goodness in this shot, but correct me if I’m wrong!


As far as shots go, this is pretty good—the flavor is more or less that of a conglomeration of tropical fruit flavors, almost like pina colada Lifesavers, minus the coconut.  No bitterness and no aftertastes to deal with—and as an added bonus, it’s not a 5 Hour Energy clone.


So I decided to put this shot to the ultimate test—I took it down about an hour and a half before Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a little slow getting started (it was about a half hour before I started feeling any sort of effects…though that might have been the half gallon of chocolate soy milk I had just before), but proved itself to be reasonably effective once it kicked in.


Not as long-lived as most I’ve had, but to be perfectly fair, it had a lot going against it, and all things considered it held out admirably—kind of a ‘last man standing maintaining a stronghold against a surrounding enemy army’ sort of deal.  It lasted through the pre-dinner preparations, it lasted through the meal itself, and lasted through the cleanup—and even delayed my nap by a half hour or so (just couldn’t get myself to go to sleep, tired as I was).


All-in-all, this shot’s earned my thumbs-up.  It tastes reasonably good, and for the sheer tenacity of the kick alone it would be worth coming back to.  Get it if you can, and let me know what you think.

A final aside—the shot’s had its name changed to “ZenForce”—not reflected on my bottle or in my review, but good to know if you’re looking for a review of the product by that name.

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