True Blue

Hi peeps! So I just took a very fun personality quiz from my favorite website FimelaGirl, called What's Your Color ID? And according to the test, I'm the TEAL BLUE! The description is so accurate though, they said I love things that connected with creativity, a positive-person and I strive for perfection. :)) Kudos!

And you know what, by filling this quiz you'll have a chance to win BlackBerry Curve 9320 with colors that match your style! :) How? Test your luck! You just need to do these very easy steps:

* Find out your Color ID via fun quiz in
* Upload your most stylish picture that fits with your Color ID! 
* Collect votes from everyone to win the prize!
* Quiz will be held from 2 November - 27 November 2012
Winner will be announced on 30 November 2012

// Go take the quiz, upload your style, and win the colorful Blackberry! :) //