Christmas Eve

Rocha. John Rocha coat, Armani Exchange dress, DIY flowery bowler hat, DW watch, Topshop shoes

I received this classic lacey dress from Armani Exchange, and the hat is D-I-Y product of bowler hat + flower headpiece. Isn't it cute? :) I got featured on Armani Exchange's website / instagram and you can too! Simply upload your look of the day to Instagram and tag #dressedfor. Here I am #DressedFor #Romance with Armani Exchange! :) 

Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL! I always prefer spending Christmas or New Year's eve and every night of my birthdays, alone at home. Because those nights will always be reflective moments of the whole year, or even in life. We can't believe 2012 passed too fast as our brain starting flashback of the past things we've done, all the bad and good things that happened this year. 2012 has been a true blessing for me, I can't ever be thankful enough for what I received and everything I've learned. :) It's only 6 months before I'm finally turning 20. Twenty, people! Not 16, 17 or 19 anymore (though I feel like I'm always 16 at heart). Twenty is a big number, it'll be hard for me accepting the fact that I'm not a teenager anymore. :( Haha! I feel like making a list of what I should do before I'm turning 20. Can you give me some ideas and suggestion on the comment? :)