Reminiscence: Jogja.


My second time to Keraton Jogja (The Sultan's Palace), and still amazed. Among all of the regions in Indonesia, Jogjakarta is one of the provinces that still led by a king (Sultan, who is also the governor of Jogjakarta). Turns out there were a lot of things I haven't seen on my first visit.
+ The sultan's furniture and painting collection.
+ Royal family and relatives' old photos with their kain collection (their outfits used to describe their social levels in the monarchy.)
+ Traditional dance and gamelan music they used to perform in front of the king or on royal events.
+ Meet Ayu, the guardian's pet in the Sultan Palace. Her name means beauty in Javanese language. :) + This beautiful Batik-print dress is a present from Alleira Batik. Thanks a lot!
+ with my blogger friend Christina Topacio from NY, at the water castle (Taman Sari Jogjakarta). This wonderful place was a private pool area for the king, queen, and their princesses.
+ A simple ponytail knot.