Review for Rip It--Red Zone

After enjoying Rip It—G-Force Sugar Free, I actually found myself looking forward to Red Zone—if they can nail one flavor, they can certainly nail another, right?  Unfortunately, not in this case—I am so unenthused about this drink that I’m almost having a hard time bringing myself to review it.  Read on.


170 mg


Fairly common, assuming you have an abundance of dollar stores where you live.


The heavy saturation of red does Red Zone a few favors; at the very least it doesn’t appear so dull as the rest.  On the downside, it’s still got that cheesy design that I have such issues with—seeing as they’re popular enough to come out with perhaps as many flavors as Monster, if not more, I would think they could afford a face-lift one of these days.


So sugary as to be hard to drink—that plus the flavor (like cheap strawberry syrup) that doesn’t even try to be convincing makes this one a bust.


Quite perceptible, but feels more than anything else like a glorified sugar rush.  Not a buzz worth drinking the stuff by a long shot.


Three and a half hours, with a noticeable crash—which shouldn’t come as a surprise, given how inundated with HFCS this product is.


Best leave this overly saccharine stone unturned.

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