I'm in Bali! It's been nearly 6 years since the last time I went to Bali, and some places have changed quite a lot. It really soothe me to just lay down on the sand and fall asleep listening to the sound of the waves near you... I wish I can live here forever. I feel like having a connection with beaches. I can't actually swim. But in my defends, I was born and raised with beach surrounding as my parents used to live in some kind of beach house 20 years ago. Such an interesting story, sometimes I wish we hadn't move, that would sound like an everyday-vacation to me. Well, who doesn't love beaches :p

Wearing my new arrival hologram glasses by Riots Barbie! Go grab them via instagram @riotsbarbie or check out the full collection HERE :)

Gitchy top, Cotton On fuchsia bandeau, Samana necklace, Riots Barbie hologram glasses, Choies skirt, Daniel Wellington watch

new jeweled print skirt with cat ears look-alike! xD visit Choies store for more unique & rad stuffs!


My latest outfit post was taken at Happy Day hostel, one new guesthouse and villa at Seminyak. I'm gonna tell you about this delightful place I stayed in for 3 days. The last time I went to Bali, it was unplanned and we arrived on holiday season. All the hostels were packed as hell and it's such a bummer not to know one nice hostel and book a reservation before we arrived (we ended up sleeping in the car for one night, hell yes impulsive backpackers!). This hostel opened 2 months ago and they got really nice hospitality from family-pack tourists to backpackers. What I love is a pocket-friendly price for backpacker dorms, (and throw your mind away from those one or two-stars dorms. This is wayyy too good, private bathrooms for everyoneee, tadaaa!) and for the guesthouse, there is this two-floor fancy minimalistic design villa with huge rooms you can share with, pantry and... huge bathrooms! *yes, yes, alright, I'm that concerned about bathrooms* I would definitely come back here again for another stay-in, probably trying the backpackers dorm meheheh :p

 Oh did I mention their strategic location? Just by walking you could get to the fancy restaurants, cafe and beachclubs at Seminyak (a few minutes only to Potatohead, Hu'u Bar and Kudeta). You can simply check the website for booking and room rates info :) Have a nice holiday!