So, how's your first month in 2013 readers? I feel so bad for the terrible incident of Jakarta's sudden flood happened a few days ago. My heart goes to all the victims & family, and I'm so thankful for the volunteers risking their own lives to survive people and even abandoned pets in flood location, that means the world to us. According to the weather forecast, there will still be huge amount of rain until next week. I almost got stucked inside the car in 60-80 cm flood on the way home and that was quite an unpleasant experience for this month. I definitely will stay at home and wait for the traffic to get better. Be safe on the road, people!

Anyway here's one unpublished post I took a few days ago. I received a studded collar shirt & vintage satin jacket both from SheInside. I love the rad black leopard print on the jacket! you can simply click on the links to shop. :)

white studded shirt & satin jacket by SheInside, Detroit baseball cap, Forever21 leather skirt, June & Julia shoes


A really lovely statement necklace from Antyk Butyk's new collection! :)