Beware "The Bad Seed"

There's a girl in my daughter's third grade (going into fourth grade) class who is such a piece of work!!!

She's very pretty, and does some "modeling." She also has a very bad reputation for being very, very mean.

My daughter has, for the most part, managed to steer clear of this girl's wrath and I am so glad...some of the stories I've heard are BRUTAL.

Anyway, this girl goes to our pool, which makes it pretty hard to avoid her in the summer. She's nice enough to my daughter, they play a little together, and when they do I watch like a hawk!!

Today at the pool "The Bad Seed" was playing with my daughter (since none of her other "cool" friends were around), when she noticed another little girl that she knows. I saw her swim over to her, give her a hug and then push her under the water. The other little girl came up out of the water gasping for air.

THEN, "The Bad Seed" climbed out of the pool and offered her hand to the other girl. Still gasping for air, she grabbed her hand. Bad Seed proceeded to let go of her hand and let her fall backwards into the pool.

She then asked innocently"are you okay???" Her "friend" seemed okay and Bad Seed helped her out of the pool. She put her arm around her to give her a little bear hug and then PUSHED her back into the pool! I was floored.

She then proceeded to jump in next to her victim, grab her by the forehead and pull her backwards into the water. At this point I had to step in and reprimand Bad Seed. (Yeah, yeah, I let it go on a little too long-but I couldn't believe how far she was taking it...The lifeguards were totally oblivious, as was her mother who was busy sitting on a lounge chair socializing.)

She took it pretty well. Getting yelled at doesn't phase her at all. I know for a fact that she is used to getting in trouble, she even has her own personal chair at the Principal's office. It did, however, stop her momentarily.

I couldn't believe how badly her little friend wanted to hang out with her...she was willing to put up with so much abuse just to play with the cool supermodel of fourth grade. It was fascinating, in a sad way.

Luckily my daughter totally gets it! When we got in the car to leave she said. "I think Bad Seed pretends to be friends with some people, just so she can pick on them."


Let's just hope my astute little child remembers that the next time the little Queen Bee offers to help her out of the pool.

Footnote: Have you seen the movie "The Bad Seed?" It's from the 1950's and it rocks. It's all about this sweet looking little girl who turns out to be pure evil. There's really over the top bad acting and the plot is straight out of "The Twilight Zone."