Tennis Tuesday Two Days Early-Quotes From My Team Captain

When she lost a singles match..."She doesn't fuckin' belong on the court with me."

When she played doubles with her poor husband...(a beginner) "I hate bad tennis."

When she played against an Asian woman..."She plays that Chinese 'chop-chop' tennis."

When her best friend lost to a 60 year old woman ..."She's no good. She plays old lady tennis." (Hey she won didn't she??)

Working on the lineup for a match against a rival team..."She's going to shit her pants when she sees me come on the court."

When a doubles team lost in a big match..."What happened out there? Did you suck?"

After she ripped off her tennis tank and ran around in a sports bra after a big match..."Did you see that-I was slamming it...I had ORGASMS!"
You can't make this stuff up!