Why I LOVE tennis!

In case you haven't been watching the news lately-I thought I'd remind you that Wimbledon started on Monday...if you haven't watched yet-TURN IT ON.

It's on ESPN2 and The Tennis Channel (check you local listings). Oh what fun it has been! The personalities, the upsets, the DRAMA! (The good kind-not USTA housewife stuff.)

So inspiring-and one of the reasons I absolutely love the game.

Footnote: On "Tennis Tuesday" I'm sharing some of my horror stories, but for the most part, tennis is one of the highlights of my life. (Seriously.) I have met so many great friends, I've gotten in much better shape and I can't imagine not playing! Obsessed, yes...but in a good way. As for the idiots I talk about in my stories, they just make life more interesting!