A Party Girl in Training...

We're back from vacation and I'm mired in the "back from vacation and school starts next week" zone...so I'll just tell a short little anecdote.

As I mentioned earlier, I attended Syracuse University my Freshman and Sophomore years. Since we were in the area, I took the family to see the campus and my sorority house. (Tri-Delt.)

The next day we cruised to Ithaca to have breakfast and walk around Cornell.

Cornell's campus is absolutely beautiful. My husband kept telling my daughters "if you study hard, you could go to college here!"

I commented that the students at Cornell looked so much more studious than the ones at SU. I said to my husband "at Syracuse it was all about the parties and shopping!!"

My eight year old daughter heard that and didn't miss a beat..."It is? Than I'm going to Syracuse!!!"

What can I say, she's her mother's daughter.