Racing and work.

Its been an interesting few wekks, as the weekdays blur into the weekends, blur into the weekdays. Just working, riding, racing, eating, sleeping, keeing awake with a brewski's.

Last week was NSW road champs, which was marginally better than last year. had my turbo had been a bit bigger I may have managed better in the final sprint. If. But anyway, heather, also of KOM notoriety (he he) got 'up the road' early on, and the break stayed away. heather came second. A good day for polka dots all around, with Al Mal coming second in the mens race, and B-Man coming fifth (they're my heroes!).

The weekend before was the 8hour at YarraMundie. Silly AB decided to go solo, give it a burl. Why not? It was painful, if not for the legs, than for the fact that I was on the old alloy hardtail and afterwards it felt as if someone had been at my kidneys with a mallett for eight hours, regardless of the consumption of an entire packet of panadol throughout the race.

Anyway, feeling OK, living on coffee...keeping me alive.

Had some photos of the states (Kurrajon) but have to censor as I look like a fatty!