One thing Republicans and Democrats can agree on...

There's less than 2 months until the Presidential Elections and the whole country is buzzing!

As I've mentioned, this is not a political blog, but I just HAD to talk about this. I've already covered the color of Sarah Palin's lipstick at the RNC. I still don't know what brand and shade she had on, but when I find out, I'M GETTING IT!

The next political fashion I'm going to talk about is a little more pricey than a $20 tube of lipstick.

Today I'm going to talk about a watch. And not just any run of the mill watch.

I'm talking about the Chanel J12 White Ceramic Watch.

In case you don't know what I'm talking about here it is on Cindy McCain at the RNC:

Here's a little closer look at the watch as worn by Hillary Clinton:

The other day at cheerleading practice one of the moms was wearing a watch that looked ALOT like the Chanel J12. I had never met her before, but I simply HAD to take a close up view at her sweet little time piece. I hoped it was a knockoff so I could find out where she got it and score one for myself.

I approached the woman and introduced myself. As soon as I made a little small talk I pounced..."I love your watch, it's beautiful."

"Oh, thanks," she replied "my husband got it for me for my birthday."

She held her wrist out so I could take a gander and I knew with one glance, that this watch was no knockoff. It was the real, gorgeous, amazing, $4,500 McCoy!

I guess some people haven't been affected by our nation's economic slump!!!!

Anyway, if any of you budget fashionistas happen to know where I can find a nice looking replica of this fabulous work of art, let me know.

Or, if you happen to have an extra $4,500 burning a hole in your pocket and you want to make a nice lady from Jersey VERY happy, you know where to reach me.

Have a great weekend.