Summer cyclist, winter cyclist.

In winter you put on your cycling kit as fast as possible, pulling up armwarmers and kneewarmers as quickly as possible to ensure minimal coldness.

In summer, you contemplate how to make your cycling kit more airy. dressing takes about 7 seconds. After all, how long can a jersey and knicks take to get on?

In winter you spend an hour of a two hour ride warming up.

In summer you spend the entire ride with your jersey open trying to keep cool.

In winter your after-ride coffee consists of the largest, hottest possible drink so you can wrap your fingers around the mug to keep warm.

In summer your after-ride coffee tends to taste salty, from the sweat coming from your head, down your nose into the cup.

In winter, it's all about accessorising lights, warmers, kit...

In summer, noone gives a shit about accessories - just make sure there's two bottle cages on my bike!

In winter, your glasses fog up from steam coming from your mouth.

In summer your glasses get grimy from sweat.