Would you like fries with that Botox?

In my absence, here's a little post from days gone by....

It seems like every time I go to my mailbox I get a flier for a new medical spa opening at a strip mall near me! Before too long there will be as many medispas in my little corner of suburbia as there are McDonald's and Starbucks.

The competition is so fierce that there are price wars!

Botox $9 a unit!
Complimentary Microdermasweep ($250 value) for first time clients! $100 off Juvederm! Restylane Only $400 Per Syringe! (Can you tell I saved the fliers?)

If they really want my business this is what they need to do. Combine McDonald's with a medispa. Set up a drive-thru window that offers Botox, fountain Diet-Coke and Happy Meals. This way I can pull up in my minivan with my kids strapped in their seats playing Nintendo DS. I can order them each some Chicken McNuggets and fries, get myself a soda, stick my head out the window, get shot up and go on my merry way, with my children fed and my face looking refreshed and wrinkle free!

I'm telling you this idea is pure genius! (If I do say so myself.)

If there are any investors interested in opening a franchise, you know where to reach me!
In the meantime, I'll be socking away my little fliers in my file drawer, waiting for the day that Botox comes down to $2 a unit.