Well, it has been an uber-eventful weekend, as always. And I am not going to lie, I am not altogether looking forward to going to work tomorrow.

Actually, I really just want to quit working and do lots and lots of k's. But in an ideal world...

The engagement partay was last weekend, and that, too was a hectic and crazy weekend. Aido drives down from QLD, I go to my cousin Amanda's engagement party that evening, Saturday we do 5hours on the bike when its about 33 degrees out, go home, get changed, go out to have a romantic thai dinner at Beecroft, wake up, do more k's, have family lunch with Sue, Morrie, my nephews-in-law, mum and dad, get changed, go to Mosman, have crazy party, get home in wee hours of morning and play tag-team 'hug toilet bowl'. Oh well, the couple that plays together...!

Monday was hectic at work, a definate 'dark glasses at the desk' day, as I went to the bathroom around midday and was hugging my knees as the room was still spinning. Crazy stuff!

The rest of the week went quite fast, and included a crazy night time ergo that left me almost vomiting, and a lot of walking in the balmy afternoons.

This weekend, once again, was epically hectic. Finished work on friday and capped it off with after-work beer (or vodka!). V tame. Saturday was epic, 3hr30 ride with many bobbo repeats, to the beach, where I hung out with Andee and Kelsee. We walked from Harbord, to the beach, to Emporio (whoo hoo- weekend highlight!) to the other end of Manly, back to the beach, and then because I had to cycle another 1hr30 to get home, I walked back to Harbord, got my stuff, then had to ride back to Manly to give Andy his house key back. EPIC!

I was shagged and heat affected when I got home. THen Sue and I went to see Mamma Mia at the mall, and I absolutely inhaled a whole serve of massive pad thai noodles. Note to self: EAT MORE ON BIKE!

Today was awesome weather, hot again. I realised that I have a triangle bikini tan from the beach yesterday. I rode up to Beauie, feeling Av-er-age, but decided to race B grade anyway. First time, went okay I guess, I did sit up at the end, as I didn't really want to get involved in a hubbard sprint. And it hurt and there was dangerous chopping going on going into the final strait.

Anyway, rode home. Not an epic day but quality plus. Owch. Still head affected. Had some salad, felt better. Did the groceries, cleaned my bike and here I am, burnt and not looking forward to the 9-5 drag for another week. UGH.