Back to Reader Mail...

Okay, after that brief diversion I'm going to get back to answering your questions...even though when I do I don't get any comments and I DO love getting them. (hint, hint)

Blogger The 5 Bickies asks..

Do you ever get the jitters from caffeine?
I get jitters from lack of caffeine. I'm like a heroin addict when I drink my first Diet Coke of the day. I shiver with pleasure as I take the first gulp.

what is your tennis rating? I am a 3.5

what is your favorite item of clothing? Funny you should mention that. I was shopping at The Grove (a swanky little shopping center near me.) I looked around at all the ladies in their accessorized outfits wearing makeup with their hair all neat, and realized that most of the time I dress like a "before" picture from a Redbook Magazine makeover spread.

My outfit of choice (when I'm not in a tennis skirt); plain t-shirt, fleece pullover, boot cut jeans and Dansko clogs, Uggs or Crocs. So boring. I think it's the official uniform of the ladies in my town.

I'm trying to step it up a bit, so I've been making the effort to put on cute sweaters, with fun belts, driving mocs and nice cords. I'm SO fashion forward.

To give you a direct answer to your question, my absolutely favorite item of clothing is my Barbour Classic Eskdale Jacket in Hunter Green. I wear it all the time.

That's all for now, I don't want you to O.D. on all things Jill. We now return to my regularly scheduled discussions on cussing, small testicles and my feisty temper.