Dude- It's totally near!

ABeezles is totally looking forward to moving.

And is also pretty excited about beginning work at Sol Breads, which, from memory, was the Beez Knees of sourdough and gourmet breads.

It's crazy how small the world is - Sol Breads in Tenerrife was always the local hang-out for mum and I when we couldn't decide to be adventurous with a new cafe, on the way to or from New Farm.

And it turns out that Meg Carrigan, of the cycle nature, owns the place! Crazy, and now there's stores in Paddington and West End in addition to the Tenerrife (or New Farm - not sure!) store. Which is pretty rad.

Anyway, as it goes the West End store is on Vulture St, like the Powderfinger album.

And John Birmingham.

And sunny afternoons hanging around the hills hoist in the backyard with a cocktail fashioned out of a crudely cut Coconut with a little umbrella in it.