T.G.I.M. (Thank God It's Monday!)

I'll bet you've never heard that before! Or, maybe, if you're like me, you think the same thing every week.

For most people Friday is the day they look forward to. When the school bell rings or the whistle blows it signals a two day break from classes, or commuting to work.

For me Friday means the beginning of the toughest 48 hours of the week. Football games, sleepovers, home improvement projects and the constant sound of "Mom, I'm starving!" or "Honey, can you help me in the basement?"

My husband works like a dog all week, so I encourage him to relax on the weekends and go play golf, watch football, or take a hike. (Yes, I do tell him to "take a hike!" Especially when he decides we're going to take on a big project like cleaning out closets or rebuilding the shed.) When Sunday night rolls around, my daughters start getting cranky because they have school the next day. My husband gets stressed about the upcoming week. And me? Well, let's just say I start dreaming about sending the little ones off on their merry way, lunches packed and books in hand.

Not that I don't LOVE my family. They are wonderful. They are also extremely demanding, and I am a huge fan of alone time, I always have been. On the weekends, I don't get any. (Well I do "get some" in that sense of the word, but that's not alone time...if you catch my drift.) Even the bathroom isn't sacred. I've had my husband hand me the phone WHILE I WAS IN THE SHOWER!!!  WTF?

Monday through Friday I get those golden moments where I can concentrate on whatever task I set out to complete. In the car, I can listen to the news, when I'm home I can pay some bills, unload the dishwasher or dry my hair UNINTERRUPTED! Pure bliss.

At 3:05 it's back to business as usual and I practically run to embrace my daughters as they parade out of school tired from a long day of learning. I appreciate them all the more because I had my productive,focused "me time" earlier in the day.

T.G.I.F.? Maybe for you. Monday is MY fun day.