Help me out here.

I'm doing a little study on children's names. (Don't ask why, just play along with me.)

If you are willing to participate please type your children's names, (first name only) and the names of their five best friends. Then tell me your state.

Okay, I'll start.

Margaret (Meg): Jane, Sydney, Emma, Katherine (Katie), Madison (Maddy)

Catherine (no nickname, although my husband tries to call her Catie and it just doesn't feel right to me!): Brynn, Josette (Josie), Juliana, Gretchen, Garrett (a boy)

Our state: New Jersey

Once you've done that, would you please e-mail me your social security number, routing number and account number from your checking account and your full name. I'm also doing a study on identity theft.

Thanks so much.

(But seriously, do the kids' name thing...)