Sounds like someone has a "little problem"...

This morning I hit rock bottom. After I dropped the girls at school I went to the McDonald's Drive Thru to get my morning FOUNTAIN Diet Coke. (Cans or bottle just won't do!)

I placed my order and pulled up to the window. As I went to hand the girl my debit card she informed me, "The card machine doesn't work. CASH ONLY."


I frantically rummaged though my purse, and the little change holder on my dashboard. I was out of luck, all my pennies only added up to 47 cents.

I started to feel a little panicky, so I tried to reason with the lady. "I come here all the time. Can you give me the Diet Coke and I'll come back later with money?" God I sounded desperate.

"Sorry... NO" she replied, as she looked me straight in the eye and dumped my Diet Coke in the sink. I could tell she was enjoying the power she had over me.

I almost jumped through the window and grabbed the cup out of her hands. Luckily I came to my senses before things got ugly. I think she would have pummeled me pretty quickly had it come to fisticuffs. She looked like a gal who had been around the block a few times.

Thankfully, there's a Burger King across the street. I cruised on over to The King and got myself a big old super sized cup of carbonated caffeine. Their card machine was working and the transaction went off without a hitch.

Five minutes later I was cruising along chugging my liquid crack with a smile on my face.

I'm not proud of this story, and I know I have issues. I'm working on it, okay?!

Remember, realizing you have a problem is the first step toward recovery.