It's all about forgiveness...

As I read your comments on my unpleasant experience at McDonald's on Monday morning I had a thought.  

(I'm going to say what I really think here, so if you're really politically correct, please exit this blog IMMEDIATELY!)

Can you imagine working the drive-thru window during the breakfast shift at McDonald's? Think about it, you'd have to get up at 5 am, put on a polyester uniform and then stand handing out Egg McMuffins and hash browns for hours!  To make matters worse you would have to deal with people like you and me.  Fools who only have a debit card, or who demand that their order is correct.  The entire time you are working you have a 500 pound manager who looks like she could play defense for the New York Jets staring over your shoulder.  And the reward for this? Probably about $7.25 an hour.   This woman was not a teenager working for some spending money.  This was her career.  

So when I came cruising up and asked her to cut me a break on the soda I'm sure she was ready to snap.  How much can one woman take?  No wonder she poured my Diet Coke down the sink! I think I got away pretty easy.  She probably wanted to throw it in my face.  

As Linda pointed out, Ronald McDonald would not be proud of this employee's behavior.  She was pretty rude to me.  But Ronald has a much better job than she does, and I'm sure he makes really great money, which probably explains why he's always so damn happy.

When I remember yesterday's encounter, I'm going to try to think of the woman who hit me where it hurts, with compassion instead of hatred.  Had I been in her shoes I might have done the exact same thing.

I'm so glad to be me.  

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go clean up the dog poop in the backyard and then scrub the toilets.

When I'm done we can all join hands and sing "Kumbaya."