Wanna see my new breast implants?

It's "Scrolling Saturday" the day I pull out some old posts from the archives, because I'm supposed to be cleaning out closets.  (Hubby's home.)

Here goes!

Do you like my new boobs? I got a great deal on them...only $50!

For $10,000 more the doctor said he could put them UNDER my skin. (Or I could go to Brazil and have it done for $200.)

I think they're pretty cute just the way they are, PLUS my husband can bring them with him on business trips so he won't get lonely without me.

Whaddya think? Can you think of any other uses for these babies? (Besides making me look smokin' hot?)

I kind of like them on the kitchen counter.
Really appetizing! YUM YUM

"Some people think having large breasts makes a woman stupid. Actually, it's quite the opposite: A woman having large breasts makes men stupid.”

-Rita Rudner