What's wrong with this picture?

This is not an example of Photoshop. This is an actual picture of a 67 year old man. How does he look like this? Well, apparently by using Cenegenics. I saw this ad in magazine and I was freaked out, and intrigued.

This dude may look a little odd — OK, maybe bizarre is a better word. But hey, he's the talk of the local pool. He even hangs out there in the winter, just to show off his 67 year old 6 pack.

The Cenegenics system claims to reverse the aging process through nutrition, exercise and shooting yourself up with hormones. Possible side effects include cancer, testicle shrinkage, and baldness. Looks like the baldness has kicked in for this stud. I wonder what his testicles look like? Ewww...I just pictured it.

Anyway, if you want to check out this freak show, or if you want your husband to have a hot bod, a bald head, cancer and tiny nuts, click Cenegenics link NOW.

Footnote: I don't think being bald or having a receding hairline is unattractive. As a matter of fact my boyfriend from years ago used to rub his head with Rogaine everyday and I implored him not to. I think it looks cool to be bald. The bad thing is when you are bald EVERYWHERE because you shoot yourself up with testosterone everyday! It also looks strange to have Mr. Magoo's head on a Schwarzenegger bod.