Closing the can of worms...(for now)

The response to my last post gave me a little chuckle.  Bringing up the inauguration blew the condom issue right out of the water.  I have one more comment about the inauguration.

I thought Aretha was awesome.  The hat was a bit much, but her performance was very moving, in my humble opinion.

Now onto something all Americans agree is hilarious.  FACEINHOLE.COM

One of my buddies posted some on her Facebook page and it cracked me up!!

Here are some of my creations...

My first attempt was Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.  As you can see, I need some work on my cutting and pasting skills.

Oops!  I did it again...only this one looks pretty good!  My head on Brit's bod.  I likey!
Stay tuned for more.  

I love this stuff!!  If you do it, let me know.  I caution you.  This is yet another distraction from the things you are supposed to be doing.  

Don't say I didn't warn you.