Things that disturb me

1. Chinese restaurants that I have never been to.

2. Bodily secretions.

3. The fact that when you're eating, you're really just putting stuff in your head.

4. Using a public restroom that appears to be empty except for you, and then hearing a high-pitched giggle.

5. Tapioca.

6. The 'presidential pledge' fad, as started by Ashton Kutcher. I haven't exactly sworn by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, but pledging oaths and promises to an elected official is just kind of creepy. It's got that 1930s Germany vibe to it.

7. Mimes.

8. People who use their cellphone headsets in the restroom.

9. Porcelain dolls.

10. Knowing that there are thousands of nematodes on basically everything.

11. Decorative, non-lingerie underwear.