I'm at a loss...

Seriously, I've got nothing...except a couple of traffic gripes.

I do alot of local driving, so I've got a million of them.

Don't you love when you're poised to pull out into traffic and someone trying to be nice "waves you on?" So you decide rather than trust "the wave" you look both ways before proceeding. As you look you notice a large truck traveling at a high rate of speed barreling toward you. You glance back and the "nice person" gets annoyed. They're sign language reads..."I'm waving you on...GO!!!"

Thanks pal, but I think I'll wait another 5 seconds rather than GUN the minivan with my 2 precious daughters in the back seat, just because you're NICE enough to tell me to.

And don't get me started on tailgaters. Seriously, they should be drawn and quartered. When someone is driving 2 inches from my bumper, I take it down to one m.p.h. BELOW the speed limit and turn on my hazards. It not only infuriates the tailgater, it also serves to confuse the hell out of them.

Meanwhile some other Jersey blogger is writing something like this...

"Don't you hate when you're at an intersection and you try to be courteous, so you wave some middle aged chick in a minivan on. And then the stupid woman looks all worried and sees a truck coming, so she won't go!!! C'mon lady. Just do what I tell you! I'm being nice for god's sake!!!

Then later on you're in a rush to get to work and the same bimbo is driving down a residential street going like 3 m.p.h over the speed limit!! C'mon sister, I'm in a hurry here!! Speed up or I'll ride your ass... Then..the crazy woman SLOWS DOWN and flips on her hazards.WTF???!!! So now, I'm mad and confused. These women really need to learn how to drive."

Tomorrow I'll try to do something interesting. But I'm not making any promises.