I'm flattered that you thought of me...

I received a rather unappealing invitation from my sister today. She asked me to participate in a MASTER CLEANSE with her.

Apparently I drink the following drink.

* 2 Tablespoons of organic lemon juice

* 2 Tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup

* 1/10 Teaspoon ground cayenne pepper

* 10 oz of filtered water

6-12 servings a day every day for 10 days.

The diet promises to:
  • You'll normalize your appetite and metabolism so your body can comfortably adjust to it's ideal weight for your size naturally
  • Your suppressed hormone levels will be restored so every cell in your body will be charged with youth giving and feel good hormones
  • There will be a natural shift away from unhealthy habits--without will power
  • You'll cleanse and detox your entire body--the pounds of waste built up over the years will be released in just 10 days
  • Reduced internal inflammation, which will ease aching joints
  • Your energy levels will sore
  • And much more...
Apparently there is all kinds of yucky stuff in my intestines, if you get grossed out easily, STOP READING.
  • It's common to pass pounds of waste in just 10 days on the Master Cleanse, and not the normal kind of waste. It's often black as tar -- The hardened phlegm and mucus comes out like long chunks of rubber -- The waste comes out holding the shape of the inside of your intestine because it's been inside you for years.

    It's also common to pass marble sized gallstones which are green and yellow balls of hardened cholesterol that can block the bile ducts from the liver to the small intestine which can be fatal if you don't remove them.

    How can you live with all this sickening waste clogging up your body?

    I know it's gross, but as you unceremoniously expel this waste you'll feel absolutely amazing. Your body will hum with a lightness and renewed energy that you can't get from drugs, exercise, supplements, or any colon cleansing kit.

Hmmm. I like the idea of getting all the gross stuff that's spackled in my guts out, but this sounds extreme.

Have you ever heard of this? Have you ever done it? I don't think I'm capable.