Do I care? Do YOU care?

So, this Sunday is SUPERBOWL SUNDAY. Do I care? Not really. I was hoping for an Eagles-Ravens Superbowl. Since that didn't happen...I have no interest.

What I am interested in, however, is The Australian Open. Too interested. I've been up way too late the past few nights watching all the drama. I LOVE IT. Can you imagine playing singles in 130 degree heat?? I'd be dead after 3 games.

Saturday is the ladies final and Sunday is the men's finals. YAY!! So much fun.
Superbowl, who cares? Give me Serena, Venus, Roger and Andy any day of the week.

Except of course for the half time show with my buddy BRUCE!

Today was a snow day here in coastal Jersey. I stayed in all day, so I didn't have any opportunities to get into trouble. Life has been kind of boring lately.

Tomorrow is a brand new day. I'll be playing tennis, maybe I'll hit someone with the ball and get into a fight. One can only hope.