YouTube: Enabling Procrastination!

So, I have a major obsession with YouTube. Anytime I'm bored, it's there for me providing me with endless hours of copyright-infringing entertainment, snarky video bloggers, or whatever else my little heart desires. Here's a list of my current favorites from YouTube:

Thunder Perfect Mind: A Prada commercial featuring Daria Werbowy reciting a Gnostic manuscript poem...what else could you ask for?

Karl Lagerfeld for H&M: Kaiser Karl brushes the haters off with his ad for his affordable line for Swedish fashion giant H&M.

Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette: A perfect combination of the excesses of pre-Revolutionary France and the music of the decade of excess: The 1980s.

Edie Sedgwick's Ciao Manhattan! Tapes: Warhol's supernova of a superstar whose self destruction made her infamous describes her experiences. A powerful look at a counter-culture icon.

Escada's Moon Sparkle ad: I applaud whoever decided to have the models make a breezy techno track that plays in the ad, especially since they told Mat Gordon to "rap" spelling Moon Sparkle. Tupac would be proud.