New Pieces

Black Basaltware Whiskey Cups / Yunomi, Set of Four
Collaboration between Jason Fasi (throwing) and Davin Dawson (glazing):

Black Basalt Whisky Cups - soloBlack Basalt Whisky Cups - first pairBlack Basalt Whisky Cups - 2nd pairBlack Basalt Whisky Cups - foot

Red Stoneware Tea Tray with Rust Glaze and Lichen Detail
The top only fits one way because the lid shrank less than the lip of the tray. Still, I'm very happy with the glazing and clay texture.

Lichen Red Stoneware Tea Tray - top viewLichen Red Stoneware Tea Tray - inside viewLichen Red Stoneware Tea Tray - clay detailLichen Red Stoneware Tea Tray - interior glaze detailLichen Red Stoneware Tea Tray - lichen detail

White Opal Gaiwan
This piece's lid unfortunately suffered damage. Artfully hidden in photograph.

White Opal Gaiwan - wide frameWhite Opal Gaiwan - alternate viewWhite Opal Gaiwan - lid detail

Footless Yellow Spot Gaiwan
Layered glazes, wax resist decoration

Yellow Spot GaiwanYellow Spot Gaiwan - alternate viewYellow Spot Gaiwan - lid