Dear Mama

Dear Mama,
When you said "Let's go to the creek for a swim" I should have paid attention to what you had in your hand. I didn't see the bar of handmade, all natural baby soap that you got at the Farmer's Market on Wednesday. I didn't see my brush. I just heard "Let's go".
When we go to the creek and you told dad that it was super deep, I didn't listen either. And when dad agreed because the swimming hole looked like it was about 3 feet under the creek, I still was too excited. So when this happened..."Help me, Mama, I can't get back to you". I should have known better.
And when you yelled "Stand up, it's only a foot deep!" I was a little embarassed.

And when Dad said "Go that way, you goof", I knew the fun was over. I never saw the bar of soap come out, and I didn't enjoy the bum washing, which I'm sure you didn't enjoy either.

I decided not to go back into the creek, soapy bum is better than embarassed bum, dispite the mess it makes in the van. It does smell better.

I just wanna go home, Mama.

But in the end, a trip home, and then next door to see Kelly-Next-Door to have my bum trimmed wasn't on my agenda. I do have to say my bum feels better, it's much smaller now. And those other furless kids keep telling me it's cute, my little Bear Bum. Having my paws and leg feathers trimmed makes my legs look longer and I can run faster. I'm more aerodynamic now.
So thanks again, Mama, for the okay day!
Loves and Kisses,
P.S. Kelly-Next-Door says that it's not right to send me over smelling like baby soap and fried onions, the onions made her hungry. I guess it is better than sending me over smelling like poop and creek.