K's in the sunshine after the rain.

Today was the first semi-decent, non-raining day in at least a week. For those who aren't watching the Australian news with zeal, Brisbane was hit with torrents of rain throughout this week, more than the city has had in 20 years.

It's been wind-trainer highway for the past week, as well as a bit of running and a touch of the flu.

Many things have happened, I bought a dress for the weeding (alas, not a wedding dress), the computer blew up, we did a Cycling Australia coaching course, and to top it off, we went and did 150km on the bike today followed by obsessive-compulsive levels of cleaning around the house.

What is really exciting for me at the moment is my new specialized Phenom SL 175g saddle (See pic below—Andy, I will send you the invoice).

It's awesome, all the comfort of my Alias lady saddle, but without the unneccesary bulk of the depth of padding (which is nice—I have never really been that excited about ladies saddles!). The men's saddle means that it is nice an narrow, too, and fits my tucchus nicely (oi gevalt!).