Domo Kun

This is Domo Kun. He's from a Japanese kid's show. Emily and her friends love him, even though we don't get the show. At the convention and in a few store in Metrotown, they had lots of different Domo items. One was a small, like the size of my palm, stuffed Domo, he was $23. We decided we didn't need him.

I went to Fabricland yesterday, there was a one day sale, everything was at least 50% off. Patterns were dirt cheap so I bought this pattern and some fluffy brown fabric and some red felt.And I made's a Domo cell phone holder. Front. Back.

Side. The kids said it looks like he's wearing a back pack and that it was super cute.

It didn't take me 3 hours to make him, but he was a bit trying. Because sewing is not my strong point, I had to do lots of dry runs to wrap my head around how to sew him together. In the end I only had to do some stitch ripping on his mouth.