Cupcakes, bike racing, riding and muchos coffee

Today is the official RSPCA cupcake drive, aka: 'cupcakes for puppehs'. So to help the puppehs, I decided to have a bake-a-thon to be held on a Sunday (which is much more social!) with cupcakes, choc-banana bread, assorted lollies, fruit, tea and coffee, and of course—beer and wine.

We had an ample amount for our guests, when Anna and Kirra show up with three-dozen mini-sticky date cakes with caramel icing, and a zucchini cake with pistacio's and lime icing.

All in all it was a sugar overload, and I found out that trying to 'neutralise' icing sugar with fruit sugar didn't really work too well. I just ended up in hysterical fits of giggles.

The puppehs also got involved, with Jarv and Mondo being the guests of honour. No cake for them, though.

I had envisaged awesome cupcakes with miniature dogs on them, small towns and showing the likeness of the people attending the cupcake-a-thon. But instead I put some smarties and lolly snakes on top and that was enough.

But I did find some more examples on the www of some totally awesome cupcakes:

This is way cool, *sigh* I was definitely born in the Nintendo generation.

Who doesn't love lego?

everyone loves Garfield...and friends (only because he's a cat that ACTS like a dog, okay?)

And my personal favourite, the iPhone cake. Priceless!

We raised over $150 of generous donations (that's a few cat spays or euthanasia's...sorry cat people) and we are continuing today, to see if we can get that number over $200. Totally awesome, and much better then setting up a lemonade stand on the side of the road selling cupcakes. Especially when the evening concludes with a trip to Grill'd.

All in all a great weekend, with not too much angst dished out by me on either the road or MTB (see previous post), which has eliminated the need for me to turn this post into an angry rant.

I raced a crit at Murrarie, which is a scary experience indeed. I am sure that with my level of experience racing on the road, I may come across as not really knowing what I am doing, because I don't really know what I am doing. I did launch a half-arsed solo attack, which lasted about...half a lap. See previous comment about not knowing what I am doing. Girls racing is a bit gay.

Wasn't near the front at the end so I didn't contest the sprint. And that's my story.

MTB on Sunday was also a hoot. MTBing is great. More people should do it. And that's the end of this post.