French State of Mind

Eight years ago, I traveled across western Europe by train. The Chiemsee at sunset, full orange moons over Lombardy, waking up in Milan in its beautiful station. This video depicts just how magical an overnight trip can be.

I really like the main singer's outfit. It's also always interesting to hear how foreign musicians use harmonicas.

Truly a legend.

Jean-Philippe Rameau is one of my favorite composers. Fun fact: the 'national' Scottish Highland Dances were heavily influenced by early French ballet. Much of the footwork the ladies are performing in the video resembles steps I used in the Scottish Lilt, Flora MacDonald's Fancy, the Earl of Errol, and others.

Whose heart doesn't swell when Lazlo cuts off the German soldiers' "Die Wacht am Rhein" with La Marseillaise? Granted, the German song is far less violent than the French...

And of course for those of us who couldn't hack the language in high school...