Freaks and Geeks

It has come to my attention, that some people from my high school days have been lurking on my blog. I did tell a few of my friends about this, and I guess word spreads quickly.

Anyway, since I know some of you out there went to high school with me, I thought I'd talk about high school, and maybe you'll come out of hiding and say hello.

Here goes.

I went to high school in West Chester, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia,in the early 80's. Looking back, high school was alot of fun, but I definitely have some regrets. One of my biggest regret is that I didn't APPLY myself. (Are you noticing a trend in my life?)

Everything was about getting away with something. I skipped school, talked in class, passed notes and generally goofed around. I didn't look like a trouble maker. But I was one.

I was a classic underachiever. I was in the "gifted program" but I usually ended up in summer school.

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a total slacker. I was on student council, I played tennis and was a cheerleader. But I definitely put in minimal effort. I swear, I think some of it had to do with my self diagnosed ADHD. Sitting in a classroom all day listening to a teacher lecture DROVE ME NUTS!

On the weekends and on some school nights, I would jump from party to party and drive around in my friend's Chevy Nova or GMC Gremlin listening to Journey and The Rolling Stones. Beer was usually involved in our outings. If it wasn't we found a way to get it.

As my good friend Jenny puts it. We were derelicts. (Undercover derelicts)

The good news is, I'm still friends with alot of my friends from the good old days and we have all grown up to be very responsible (kind of), respectable adults with families, and homes, and nice husbands or wives. We got our ya-yas out when we were young, and it appears that none of us are having any mid-life crises.

If you ask some of our high school teachers, they would tell you that it's a miracle.

So, how about you? Tell me about your high school days. Were you a freak, or a geek? Or were you in the National Honor Society and captain of the lacrosse team?

Write a post about it and send me a link. If you're lurking, share a memory and let me know you're reading. Or shoot me an e-mail at

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go do a Jello shot.