Iconography: Edie Sedgwick

The sharp, contrasting style of Edie Sedgwick is not unlike her own life in which she went from Californian socialite to the star of Andy Warhols's underground cinema. Her style is the likely origin of the mixing of high end pieces with more affordable accoutrement. This was a woman who wore heirloom jewelry and furs with leotards after all.

The way Edie paired short, bleached hair with delicate chandelier earrings, dramatic eyeliner, bat lashes and natural brows with pale lips, a thin frame engulfed in flowing fabrics reflected a vibrant sense of style that did not adhere to the etiquette and expectations of the time. Instead, her style was free spirited and truly do-it-yourself-throw-on-whatever-still-look-fabulous. Of course, this all worked out swimmingly thanks to Edie's delicate bone structure and forever-long legs.

She is the supernova of the Warhol Superstars, the most well known due to her beauty, charisma, and rapid drug-induced demise into anonymity. The relationship between Edie and Andy is one that has been romanticized and idealized by many ranging from aficionados of the Silver Sixties to editors of fashion's most elite magazines; what is surprising is the brevity of their relationship (merely a year) still echoes through fashion and art four decades later. Her life was fascinatingly complicated, truly the quintessential poor little rich girl who shone so brightly in her brief life.