Sunshiney goodness

The weekend is now over. It's Monday and it makes me very sad. However, I am not working anywhere today, which makes me slightly less sad.

Finally, Aido and I got up to the Sunshine Coast for a weekend of relaxing and riding bikes. Simon and Kirra came up to also chill out/study animal muscles/ride bikes/drink wine and go running.

It was awesome! On Saturday, Simon, Aido and I went riding up Kiel Mountain rd, and I did four Palmwoods-Montville repeats and went home. A good four hours, though a little less exciting once I had run out of water—it was 31 degrees! Not very coherent for the last, dry hour. But nothing a Wimmers Raspberry Lemonade from the local fish and chip shop can't help (even if it was an hour in arrears!).

The Palmwoods-Montville climb is about 7km long, averaging probably 7%. Nice and gentle as you weave from agricultural bushland, to covered rainforest-y sections, back to broad, open panoramic views.

I found a picture of the climb on the interweb:

Which is from 1935, when all cars were old and kooky looking.

That afternoon, we chillaxed, went to see the celebrant briefly, then came back to HQ (Twin Waters) to walk the Mondogg, down some more food and drink wine while watching Flight of the Conchords. Love it!

Sunday was equally as fun, three hours of sun-time riding followed by coffee, food, walking, relaxing. It's all good really. The only downside to the weekend was that I forgot my phone and wallet and couldn't do any driving due to lack of license. Perhaps that's why I felt relaxed...