100 posts of awesomeness

Today's post marks the 100th post of Caffeine Fuelled Cyclemania, and has prompted me to reminisce about the year-or-so that has passed between the blogs creation and the present day.

Here are a few things that have happened:

•I quit work at my Sydney company;
•I moved to Brisbane;
•After a few arduous months looking for a house while living with my parents (arrrrgh!), we moved out into our own house;
•We (collective meaning Aiden and I) had new years eve, and were in bed at 11pm (soft!);
•We raced National Champs and both felt like we sucked;
•We remained hopeful for the year of racing to come...;
•Work in publishing seems empty and unethical, I soon look for alternate employment options;
•Aiden gots hit by car—is okay, but bike written off;

Pre-crash, the black lightning looks sweet...


•Aido rides in ambulance, I get to sit in the front! Whee!;
•Is okay—insurance (after paid out...a looong time later) lessens the initial devastating blow of bike-loss;
•Start doing more Cyclinic's in Brisbane;

Oops...missed that one!

•Racing the Sunshine Series, become little Miss, and Mr Sunshine;
•Andy, our friend from far yonder, the 'deep south', gets rear-ended by a car and has to be nursed by the angelic Kelsey;
•Some dirty twatcrust scratches my bike;
•Face near-eviction for having dog in our house, turns out okay;

Who could argue with a dog like Mondog?

And that, my friends, is the blog to date, excluding some frequent angry-cyclist rants.