Riding, raining and rodeos.

Well this christmas holiday season sure has been a soggy one. This is okay if all you want to do is sit inside, play Wii and eat too much food. As we prefer to go outside and ride and come home and consume too much food, however, the rain has been a wee bit of a dampener.

ONE HD's televising of the American Rodeo series has been a lifesaver...it's like a train wreck—I don't want to look, but I can't tear myself away...

That being said, we have used every possible break in the dark and thunderies to get out for a pedal, especially while we were loafing around the Sunshine Coast. Having work obligations yesterday meant that we are back in Brisbane, where the weather is if anything far worse than that of the coast!

Being a bit tired of the bitumen, I did get out for a dirty pedal this morning with DH.

We headed to Bunya, as the rocky, gritty surface holds up far better than any other trail network in the greater Brisbane area. Daisy Hill is greasier than wrestling pythons in the mud when wet, while much of Gap Creek holds up to the rain, when it gets boggy there it is reaaallly muddy.

And I don't fancy having to replace my entire drivetrain after one ride thankyou-very-much.

So Bunya it was, and it was fun. For some strange reason it doesn't seem like hitting the ground will hurt as much when it's wet—almost like the rocks are softer?

Daft thoughts, perhaps, but it makes me rail a bit better!

Anyway, I really love my X0 Grip Shift,and I am praying that XX will have their own twisty shifters soon, so I am in the middle of composing a haiku for it*. Stay tuned for said poetry...

Twisty, shifty goodness...

*(clearly I need a new hobby)