Things I Don't Want To See in The Next Decade

Spending today looking back at 2000-2009, I've realized there were a lot of heinous trends during these last ten years. Here are the ones I love to hate and hope don't make a comeback in 2030.
Butterfly Hair Clips
These were everywhere in the early 2000s.
The big ones that would "flutter" were particularly heinous.
Faux Tiffany Jewelry
Tiffany's attempt to break into a younger demographic resulted in
a whole bunch of cheap knockoffs and an over saturation of the market.

The North Face Fleece Jacket
Apparently some people find that living in the suburbs
demands wearing hiking gear.

Culturally Ignorant Accessories
Nothing says I don't keep up with world politics like wearing
a keffiyeh out on the town while you're throwing back
shots and taking dumbass pictures.
Vera Bradley Handbags
Nobody should want to carry a purse that resembles a pot holder.
An overpriced, horrifically patterned pot holder at that.

Colored Wayfarers
Very few people can pull of the regular Wayfarers,
despite how many try to replicate the look of the
flavor-of-the-moment actor or actress
Things only look exponentially worse in technicolor brights.

The "It" Bag
It may be expensive and hard to find, but most of the "it" bags
from years past have not become classics, but tragically outdated.

Ed Hardy
Nothing screams nouveau riche quite like Ed Hardy.
Just because something is pricey does not mean it's
elegant or desirable,and do you really want to have
something in common with Jon Gosselin?

American Apparel
No amount of vertical integration can make amends for the
blatant sexism and overall creepiness of American Apparel.