"..Curiouser and Curiouser." -- Alice (Alice in Wonderland, 1951)


I just bought a grass carpet, yayyy! I've wanted this one for so long, and I finally have time to look for it, found it, and have it :) --err, well some peoples were like "what's this? you grow grass in your bedroom???!" oh yes I'm a lil bit extreme, but not that way I guess -___- hahaha.

So I decided to took some photos in my spare time --and I just realized that I enjoy playing dress-up so much that I took SO MANY photos -____- I remember my white tights --which is so Alice--, plus my new grass, and anyyy dress with anyyy shoes, well, here we go. Alice in Wonderland fanatic fan! haha :) Oh, and I edited them in different effects. This time it was taken by my 10 years old brother, haha.

..and, self- potrait :p

blur. :(

Humm.. I was trying to make some kind of magical effect in this photo, but it's now kinda reminds me of Brick by Boring Brick - Paramore music video, haha. And wondering why my left arm's glowing! (:

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Taken by Canon 350 D, edited with Adobe Photoshop CS 2 + lil bit photoscape, in my room :)

Hmm, I'm planning to dye my hair, purple, blue, red, or fuschia.

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That photo above was taken when I was in junior high, tapi harus buru-buru dicat item lagi karena syuting :( Jadi mumpung ga syuting, saya kangen warnain rambut lagik. (:
and yes, I know what you're thinkin now. Hayley is SUPER cool with red hair, everyone with red hair is ALWAYS cool :D

And someone on Lookbook.nu told me that one of my photos on lookbook look like Emily Skins. Since I haven't watch SKINS yet (aaaahh pengenn bangettt T T, katanya @geeky_unee, Skins itu kayak Gossip Girl versi British dan lebih bagus ya?), so I'm googling it. Here's some google result about Emily Skins, or as known as the twin:

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Me look like her? no? Haha, whatever. She's kinda cute, and see? red hair rules.