Sometimes I don't like being right.

I knew we were not lucky enough to actually have spring yet. I also thought that water-wise, we NEED more snow. And so when Kerry woke me up this morning and said it was snowing, I think I said "Yay!" and went back to sleep. It's not a huge dump, no shovelling required, and it will probably be gone in a few hours, and I'm not planning on driving today so it's all good.
Here's a re-cap of the last week's weather, in pictures of course! And Linus's help. Sally decided she wanted none of this funky weather crap.Feb. 18th. Sunny, warm, maybe 9 degrees. The grass that Linus hasn't pulled up is greenish. We spend a bit more time outside throwing the ball.Feb. 23rd. Fog, frost, -4 degrees. Cold, damp, dismal, but wait, the sun is shining, it's burning off the fog, and it did shine for most of the day! But it was still darn cold.Feb. 24th. Snow, wet, but not as cold, 0 degrees. Makes a great hiding spot for the poop I didn't pick up yesterday, oh, wait, I did, because it was frozen and picking up Poopsicles is what I live to do.

We have this very old, just for decoration wooden ladder that I use in the garden as a trellis, it's leaning against the deck right now. For some reason, this guy had a brain fart and decided this was the way to get up onto the deck. He stood like that for the longest time, trying to figure out what to do. Ah...the life of a SAHM. (It does count, even if they are dogs.)

In other news...Kerry and I have been discussing the sad state of our weights. Slowly rising, causing our clothing to become ill fitting, we have decided to eat better, more fruits and veggies, and to move a bit more with evening walks. Nothing earth shattering, but a step in the right direction. Besides as Kerry put it "We need to get our Disney legs."