Love and Lust - Shonna Anderson

Love and lust. How she would like to experience either one of them these days, to feel those emotions again. Sometimes she wonders if she’ll ever feel them again. She just feels so numb sometimes. Or if not numb, a permeating sense of sadness. Both seem to be the polar opposites of love or lust. Lust and love make you feel so alive, she thinks to herself. They color everything a shade more vibrant than they normally would seem. Sounds seem to come alive, memories are burned into the mind a bit deeper. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard when love is taken away, why everything feels so grey and lifeless. She remembers being at the beach one foggy day in the summer when it was so cold and grey, but remembers that it’s not how she saw it then. She was with her beloved and in that moment the greys of the clouds were so varied, like the colors of the rainbow. The sand was a beautiful shade of tan. Everywhere she looked things seemed alive and beautiful. She thinks about it now and those colors, that beauty is no where to be found. Where did it go and will it ever come back? Will love one day bloom again and will the life come back into her eyes and color everything a more brilliant shade again? Oh how she hopes so, oh how she hopes so.