Lust - Karen Oliver

Don’t even think of making me write about lust. I am a good Catholic girl at heart and that whole part of my life is private and never discussed openly. I think it is a mortal sin just to think about lust.

Is it lust when you just know you are going to go home with that man? I was at a party, balmy Florida evening, a summer dresses and flip-flops night. Sweet drinks in tall glasses and casual easy laughter. When he walked in, I looked up and saw him enter across the room. He looked great to me and everything slowed down for a tiny moment. There was a look and a pause and we both knew that we would go home together that night. I wanted him and I was sure he wanted me. We didn’t even talk at the party much or hang out together. That was part of the seduction. Hours later, at the end of the night, he just walked up to me and waited and I got my shawl and we left together, making out in the car in the parking lot on the way to his house.

That is way too private a story to tell.