Thinking is not just personal, it vibrates in the world around you.

Surrounding every person there is an atmosphere of paradise and of hell. When a person generates G-dly positive thoughts they harmoniously fit into the air of paradise and strengthen this energy around this person. When a person supports ungodly negative thoughts, they fit in and strengthen the atmosphere and energy of hell around the person.

Thoughts are powerful. They maneuver the soul, impact the soul, and can be a negative or positive influence and steering force in a person’s life. Another characteristic of thought is, what you think will influence the atmosphere and vibrations outside of you.

So the choice of what you think, is not just a personal one, which will impact your own life, it will as well shape the world around you.

One of the mystics write, “when you walk into the 4 cubits of a person and good thoughts come into your mind, most likely the person around you is a G-dly person. However if you should have negative thoughts, bad and unproductive ones, this is a proof you just came in contact and encountered a not so good person”.

We all know how terrible it is to gossip and speak bad things of people. The sages say, it is equal to the worst transgressions. In the book of Zechariah he goes further and says “one should not even think badly of his friend in his heart”. The reason is because, even thinking will have a negative influence on that person.

“A good thought G-d brings to fulfillment”. The power of thought is that it alone, can and will create its realization. Because thought is higher than time and space, I.e., we can take ourselves in thought to the past or the future, which is why, through thought, a person, can influence and sway the lower territories of both time and space. This power of thought applies as well regarding someone else. When a person has positive thoughts about someone else or negative ones, from the powerful position of thought, it will have an effect on that person

Good positive invigorating thought, can reach deep inside and bring out the best light and strength from a friend who may be a little sad etc. When a person thinks of someone, a close friend etc. even though they are not close to each other physically, they will be connected and intimate, influencing each other through the power of thought.

Great Chassidic Rabbis would set aside time when they would strongly and deeply contemplate on the love they had for their students and followers. From many stories we know, that this would in middle of nowhere arouse a reciprocal love and yearning and a great spiritual strength in the hearts of their students.

When a person looks strongly and focused at someone, the other person not even knowing turns to the one looking at them. When a person thinks deeply about someone else, this energy like a laser beam radiates to that person. It’s kind of scary but that’s the power of thought.