I am not a hat person. I just have never been interested in them. However, I have recently become very interested in tiny hats or head pieces more commonly known as Fasinators!

They can be tiny simple flowers, or insane with giant bows, veils, and feathers. I think they're a very nice way to dress up what would normally be classified as a plain outfit. They also range in levels of fancy, some can be formal enough for your wedding day while others are just the right amount of bold for work.

The most exciting part about them in my opinion? They are pretty easy to make! I will be making one or a few soon and I will feature that on my other blog, CrafTay!

In the meantime, here are some that I found on Etsy! What are your thoughts on these little hair gems?

Red felt Flower from lilyladyblue

Hair Flowers by BellaMiaDesign
You can find out more about BellaMiaDesign on their Facebook page as well!

Shanghai by tiedandfeathered

Fuchsia bow by alicehartcouture

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